Deb Group has launched Deb InstantFOAM Complete, the world’s first alcohol-based foam hand sanitiser that is proven to be fully virucidal, bactericidal and yeasticidal. The unique perfume free and dye free formula is dispensed as softstructured foam and is designed for use without water. It kills 99.999 per cent of many common germs in just 15 seconds and its non-specific biocidal action ensures there is no risk of antimicrobial resistance.

Part of the new Deb Stoko Range, Deb InstantFOAM Complete has been created to provide the highest level of hand hygiene in sensitive environments, such as the food industry, where it can be used to prevent the spread of pathogens found on raw meats and other food products, protecting both staff and consumers from food-transmitted infections. The formula has been independently tested and assessed by experts to demonstrate that it is non-tainting and does not influence the quality and safety of food products.

Further research has proven the product to have good skin compatibility, as well as that 84 per cent of users prefer the foam format of Deb InstantFOAM Complete compared to alcoholbased gels because it is non-sticky and fast drying, plus it incorporates moisturisers which leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed after use.