We all scream for ice cream
WheyheyProtein and ice cream aren’t maybe the first words you think of together, but Wheyhey, the world’s first and best selling protein ice cream, is aiming to change all that!

Featuring 20g of whey protein per pot, Wheyhey was created by best pals Damien Kennedy and Greg Duggan back in 2012, when they decided to create a great tasting ice cream that does you good. They created Wheyhey following a trip to the cinema where their protein snacks were confiscated, faced with only sugary, fatty alternatives they had a brainwave and over the coming months they developed a protein based ice cream. Just over two years later, they have sold 2.5 million pots and in March 2016 it will be stocked in a major household supermarket.

A 150 ml tub of Wheyhey ice cream has no sugar content, just four grams of fat and provides as much protein as a medium sized chicken breast, with the 150 calories per pot being derived mainly from protein rather than empty sugars and fats.

The ice cream is currently available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banoffee flavours and the team were keen to try them all – there were plenty of volunteers! They were torn between favourite flavours; however overall, strawberry came out on top. “I really loved the little individual pot presentation – portion control is always something of a challenge with ice cream,” said one tester. “I felt this was a generous amount and the strawberry flavour was tangy and the ice cream still felt indulgent.”

“Healthy ice cream sounds like something we could all use in our lives!” added another. “And if you can’t tell the difference between this and the sugary fatty alternative, then it’s great for kids.”

Controlled caffeine coffee
TruestartA new coffee called TrueStart has launched to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their optimal physical and mental performance levels. TrueStart is the world’s only controlled caffeine coffee, which ensures a fixed, reliable and sustained caffeine boost.

The caffeine content in a usual coffee can vary enormously from 10mg to 250mg. TrueStart guarantees 95mg of caffeine per 2g serving so fitness fans can take full control of their caffeine intake and find the right level to boost their personal performance and mental focus.

Made from 100 per cent freeze dried (not spray dried) Colombian Arabica beans, TrueStart is a completely clean coffee. Unlike sports gels and performance drinks, it is free-from additives and synthetics, therefore providing a natural caffeine hit.

TrueStart is being marketed as a performance coffee for the gym and fitness sector as well as runners, triathletes and cyclists from elite level down. The UK launch is part of an ambitious plan to build TrueStart into a global brand, with a US launch and expansion of the TrueStart product range already in development.

“When I tested this, for some reason I was expecting it to taste different to ‘normal’ coffee,” said our tester. “But in fact, I found it to be very good quality with a smooth, rich taste. I was also pleased it was available in Holland & Barrett stores, as that’s convenient and also tells me that this is a quality product. I’m not an athlete, but I would recommend this to more sporty friends.” “I definitely found this coffee gave a welcome energy boost while delivering a morning coffee fix,” added another.

Bananas over yogurt
RachelsTaking a new twist on South America’s native Dulce de Leche, the much loved thick buttery caramelised sauce which is renowned for its rich, creamy consistency that makes it so indulgent; a new Banana and Dulce de Leche flavour yogurt from Rachel’s Organic promises a sweet and sensational flavour.

Rachel’s yogurts are made simply and with care, and contain the finest organic fruit and ingredients, locally sourced organic milk and absolutely no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. The new flavour is available in major supermarkets nationwide and is priced at RRP £1.99 for a 400g pot.

Demonstrating Rachel’s passion to provide innovative yet delicious flavours, this new product offers a luxurious and indulgent alternative to lower fat yogurts, and can be enjoyed straight from the pot or dolloped on cake for dessert.

“Who doesn’t love a banana and caramel combination?” was the first comment from a taster. “This is just so good – the yogurt is deliciously rich, the banana tastes perfectly ripe and the Dulce de Leche just joins it all together and takes it from just a yogurt to a proper dessert,” added another. “If this was in my fridge, that pot would not last long!”