To celebrate Organic September, EHL Ingredients is launching two new organic stuffing mixes, bringing alternative tastes and textures to traditional stuffing ingredient blends.

The first is a Middle Eastern style organic sultana, lemon and spice stuffing – a mix of juicy sultanas, breadcrumbs, a burst of citrus lemon with aromatic fennel, coriander, ginger and black pepper.

With a distinctive Mediterranean flavour, the second addition is an organic garlic, tomato and herb stuffing – a blend of organic breadcrumbs, garlic, tomato, spices fennel, cumin, black pepper, parsley and oregano.

Food manufacturers can include the blends in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ready meals and accompaniments to spice up pork, lamb, chicken or turkey dishes, as well as meat-free foods such as vegetarian mince, stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls and baked mushrooms.

Available in bulk, the blends are ideal for packers, retailers and food processors to package into smaller bags or boxes to be sold on supermarket shelves for consumers to use at home.

Christine Peers, sales director at EHL Ingredients, says: “Our development team is constantly working on new blends and seasonings, especially within organic, so we’re delighted to launch these two new stuffing mixes to strengthen our offering.

“This is not just great news for us, but offers a really positive outlook for the organic food market as a whole. We’re delighted with the response to our organic range from customers and we put our success in the organic arena down to several key factors – health benefits, an increase in consumer awareness, education on organic foods and healthier eating, and the consistent high quality of our products.”