PHROOTI Fruit-Infused Water is a delicious, full-flavoured range of all-natural drinks that is set to bring something totally new to the soft drinks aisle.

PHROOTI (pronounced ‘fruity’) uses real-fruit, fresh filtered water and just a touch of lemon juice and natural flavouring (0.1 per cent) to create an all-natural thirst-quencher that is not only a delicious and refreshing drink, but also an incredibly healthy way to hydrate. PHROOTI uses a unique process, which locks in all the fruity flavour and kicks out all the sugar, making it free from all sugars, including naturally occurring sugars.

“As a consumer of soft drinks I’d become fed up with the options out there which were all: sugar and sweetener-laden, so-called ‘low sugar’ drinks,” explains Jerôme Jacob, founder of the Sheffield-based brand. “I felt the market needed something new that was delicious, natural and fruity, which is why I’ve invented PHROOTI. This is a totally unique range of drinks that are zero sugars and taste delicious.”

Jerôme, 25, a former marketing and advertising manager who has won three Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, is excited about the launch. “The market is crying out for a product like this. We’re looking to satisfy those consumers who want a healthier alternative that is still delicious and PHROOTI provides just that.” Perfect for the on-the-go market and premium outlets, PHROOTI comes in glass bottles and is available in two delicious flavours: Raspberries & Strawberries and Blackcurrants, Blackberries & Blueberries.