Mondi recently developed an innovative packaging solution that solves a major problem for the watermelon supply chain and enhances product appearance at the point of sale.

At present, premium watermelons are sold in supermarkets in octabins, corrugated or plastic trays or ‘A’ boxes. However, the Watermelon’s Dream project from Mondi offers a unique alternative to standard solutions with its unique rectangular shape and a window showing the product packed inside. Moreover, its folded mono-corrugated cardboard design is easy to assemble and stack during transportation thanks to its ergonomic structure. This saves transportation costs by allowing 50 per cent more watermelons to be shipped in one truck.

Another benefit is end-user convenience; with the new design, it is easier for consumers to carry their heavy watermelon home from the supermarket. Last, but not least, Watermelon Dream allows more branding opportunities thanks to a larger printing area and excellent product display. As a result, the new packaging for watermelons allows the product to stand out from the crowd as a premium offering with the ideal shape to be placed also directly in the shelves. The concept was successfully launched in Turkish supermarkets and is available for the global market.

Fatos Adak, Product Innovation Manager at Mondi Corrugated Packaging Turkey, commented: “The Watermelon’s Dream is an excellent example of Mondi’s capabilities to address market needs for convenience, differentiation at point of sale and sustainability.”