No More Teabags has undergone a re-brand to better reflect the quality and provenance of its teas. One of the most talked about drinks brands of the last 18 months, No More Teabags’ owner Guy Woodall, felt everyone understood the convenience that his products offer, but not the high quality. He explained what sets No More Teabags apart: “We use loose leaf tea to give a finer flavour and higher quality end product. Our Earl Grey uses natural Bergamot oil, and our Jasmine tea uses a green tea which is flavoured during the curing process with fresh jasmine flowers.”

No More Teabags also has exemplary green credentials, as its used tea leaves are composted and spread on its own organic farm at Leatherhead in Surrey. The aluminium cans are fully recyclable and the recovered aluminium is as good as new.

It is these prominent USPs that Guy hopes are captured in the re-design, which gives the brand a more boutique feel, closer to that traditionally seen with loose leaf teas, and a more natural look in keeping with No More Teabags’ environmental aspirations.