On 22 February, the vision of creating frozen food sales worth £10bn was outlined at the industry’s annual conference in Birmingham. Speaking at the British Frozen Food Federation’s yearly gathering, chief executive John Hyman said: “In the 12 months since we last met the industry has achieved a significant milestone: retail sales worth over £6 billion. When combined with £2.3 billion worth of sales in foodservice, we have a UK frozen food market worth £8.3 billion, and it’s growing in volume as well as value.

“We are getting closer to reaching the £10bn target and I expect great things from frozen as many of the factors driving retail and foodservice markets are favourable to frozen food.”

He added: “As an industry, our supply chain is more efficient and controlled than ever before, with investment only growing. The frozen food industry is united in its commitment to innovation, investment and insight and will continue to drive forward in 2018 and beyond.”