Soft drinks start-up, 40 Kola, has launched a brand-new craft drink which is a delicious take on a classic cola.

The brainchild of two lifelong friends, 40 Kola was inspired by the explosion of the ‘craft soda’ market in the United States. To create the unique drink, founders Dan Young and Kieran Dougan stripped out anything artificial and added in extra citrus to keep things fresh.

Co-founder Dan Young said: “More and more people are not only seeking premium non-alcoholic options as they change their lifestyles, but responsible alcoholic drinkers are aiming to maximise their experiences by pairing their favourite tipple with quality mixers. There are an increasing number of consumers looking to discover new and interesting taste experiences and we think we have achieved just that with 40 Kola.”

40 Kola contains 40mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a double espresso and is made from just 11 all-natural ingredients. It can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer. It goes particularly well with a velvety, oaky bourbon or a dark, fiery rum.

Dan, a former marketing manager, and Kieran, who was a chemical engineer, are both aged 26 and quit their jobs to focus fully on growing the brand.