Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

Gorgeous gelato
With a collection of flavours that includes Pistacchio Siciliano, Stracciatella di Bergamo and Ecuadorian Chocolate, luxury gelato supplier Remeo is going to be stocking its award-winning gelato across Sainsbury’s nationwide. This comes soon after the launch of its creative campaign ‘I’m not a virgin,’ which introduced new eco-friendly packaging and made Remeo the first ice-cream brand in the world to switch to 100 per cent recyclable plastic. The campaign encourages other brands to follow suit in their decision to abandon virgin plastic in favour of recycled and plant-based plastics.

The new Remeo jars are made of 100 per cent post-consumer PET (or polyethylene terephthalate) with a move to sourcing plastic from sugar cane instead of petrol, which is a renewable resource. Remeo is proud to now have zero plastic in its production system which has halved its carbon footprint.

Co-Founder Lorenzo Barbera states: “We are in the era of the mindful consumer and our wellbeing and that of the environment have now a huge influence on the way we shop today. Being environmentally conscious is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity.”

Sprouting success
A cutting-edge project, being run as a collaboration between Everfresh Natural Foods, Camden BRI and Holmach Ltd, has been awarded a £650k grant by Innovate UK, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government.

The project ultimately hopes to identify new ways of improving both the nutritional qualities and shelf life of baked goods, through the use of sprouted grains and pasteurisation, without detrimentally affecting the taste and texture of products.

It will initially focus on Camden and Everfresh working together to identify which sprouted grains produce an optimal product, in terms of taste and texture and nutritional properties, with candidates including oats, wheat, rye, spelt, and barley. The addition of pulses will also be explored, to see whether they are a viable option for increasing protein levels in products. Independent consumer group testing will be used to determine whether the products will be readily accepted by today’s shopper.

Holmach will further explore pasteurisation, novel packaging materials and systems that deliver optimal food safety and shelf-life for sprouted grain baked goods whilst reducing waste.

The final stages of the project will look at the scalability and commercial applications of the processes.

Some very encouraging results are being seen. A new range of cakes has already been launched on the back of the collaboration so far and more recently a whole new markets sector for sprouted grains has been identified.

Sustainable snacking packing
Evolution Foods, the dried fruit, nuts and seeds producer, has launched a new snacking range featuring plastic-free packaging. In a first for the sector, the breakthrough innovation could potentially save over 1350 tonnes of plastic in the dried fruit, nuts and seeds market in the UK.

The company, which supplies a range of major retailers in the UK, has introduced a paper packet for 25 products under its new ‘Natural Selection’ snacking range.

The paper packaging is made from sustainable sources and is doorstep recyclable with other paper waste, as it does not contain any plastic. The Natural Selection paper packs instead use a water-based coating, which is heat-sealed to keep the products fresh. Previously the sector has struggled to find a plastic-free solution that protects products from moisture.

James Knott, Evolution Foods MD, said: “The dried fruit, nuts and seeds sector has relied on plastic packaging for a long time, but we wanted to provide a better solution for the environment. Our ‘Natural Selection’ paper packaging is a major breakthrough for us as it’s sustainable and easy to recycle at home, without compromising on quality. While there’s always more to do, this is an exciting moment for our industry, unlocking real potential to reduce plastic waste.”

Perfect pots
Norfolk based organic ice cream producer Booja-Booja is launching one of its most popular dairy free ice cream flavours in a single-serving mini pot this Organic September. The much-loved free from Chocolate Salted Caramel Dairy Free Ice Cream has been available in 500ml take-home tubs since its launch in 2016, but from September 2019, consumers can enjoy this irresistible ice cream ‘on the go’.

Made with only five organic ingredients, and containing no refined sugar, additives or preservatives, this delicious chocolate ice cream flavour won a prestigious Gold Award in the ‘Puddings and Desserts’ category at the 2018 Free From Food Awards and is part of an innovative ice cream range that has been crowned best dairy free ice cream for two years in a row by Vegfest.

Louise Collins, Booja-Booja Marketing Co-ordinator noted how excited Booja-Booja is by the launch of the Chocolate Salted Caramel mini pot. “Booja-Booja ice cream lovers have long clamoured for an ‘eat now’ size in Chocolate Salted Caramel,” she explained. “Now all six deliciously creamy Booja-Booja dairy free, gluten & soya free ice creams can be bought in 110ml impulse buy pots. This deliciously rich, chocolate caramel ice cream, shwoozled with salted caramel chocolate sauce, has proven immensely popular and we’re delighted to be making it more widely available. We look forward to seeing the mini pots for sale in our existing independent stockists in time for Organic September. These little pots are also perfect for cafes, theatres and cinemas; anywhere people want to enjoy a delicious dairy free and organic treat.”

Organic September is Britain’s largest celebration of all things organic. This Organic September the Soil Association is highlighting how small changes can make a big difference; making it the perfect time for Booja-Booja to launch its latest small tub of delicious, dairy free, organic ice cream.

Celebrating innovation
Now in their third year, the Food Matters Live Awards are a celebration of the latest innovations across the food, drink and nutrition sectors.

A panel of industry experts will assess each entry, with the best selected for the official shortlist and featured in the Awards Showcase at the Food Matters Live event in November 2019. With 14 categories spanning product, ingredient and nutraceutical development, ground-breaking technology and sustainable initiatives, there’s something for every company looking to gain public recognition for their innovative success.

This year’s panel of expert judges includes Professor Jayne Woodside, Professor of Human Nutrition at Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Sarah Jenkins, Director at Magneta, and Dr Rachel Cheatham, Founder an CEO of Foodscape Group.

Cost per entry is £199 + VAT or for companies less than two years old, £99 + VAT.

Brand identity launched
London studio Without has created a brand and packaging identity that marries authenticity and accessibility for Asian food brand Kelly Loves.

Created by well-known Korean food entrepreneur Kelly Choi, founder of Kelly Deli and Sushi Daily, Kelly Loves wants to bring wholesome Asian food to Western supermarket shelves and tap into the booming ‘grab-and-go’ sector.

Kelly Choi commented: “We source the highest-quality ingredients, and what we produce is 100 per cent authentic. It was very important that our new off-the-shelf range was brought to market in a way that would be attractive to the modern Western palate, while staying true to its roots. We’d seen Without’s considerable body of work in the food and beverage sector and felt they were the perfect fit for us.”

Roly Grant, Creative Director at Without, added: “Kelly Choi has such integrity and passion, and we wanted to get that across. We decided upon the ‘Kelly Loves’ name as it is completely adaptable and celebrates the fact that founder Kelly is a chef, mum and provider who wants to look after her customers.

“During the collaboration process, Kelly frequently mentioned that she would only sell what she was happy to feed her young daughter, so this became a central tenet of our approach. We developed Asian-inspired line drawings of a mother and daughter interacting to bring the brand to life and provide cohesion across the range. The two characters allow us to demonstrate different product attributes – light, healthy, balanced, for example – in an engaging, friendly way.”