Natural energy
Tenzing, the fastest-growing drink within the energy category, has now joined forces with six of the UK’s top retailers since its launch in 2016, including Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Asda and most recently Morrisons and Co-op.

Huib van Bockel, Founder of Tenzing, said: “We are delighted to bring Tenzing to Co-op and Morrisons. Now we can give even more members of the public the option to energise themselves in a more natural way.”

“I loved that this drink uses plants rather than synthetic caffeine, artificial mood boosters and loads of sugar. If I need an energy hit, I would rather get it from seven natural ingredients (Himalayan Rock Salt, Indian Gooseberry, Green Coffee, Lemon Juice, Guarana, Green Tea and Beet Sugar) than a load of additives! I found the Tenzing to have refreshing, slightly lemony but interesting taste, which wasn’t overly sweet, and it gave a good boost to energy without any jitters!”

Getting fruity
Driving new innovation in the zero-alcohol beer category, St Peter’s has added to its range of alcohol free beer with the addition of Without® Elderberry & Raspberry. All the products in the Without® brand are brewed in exactly the same way as a normal beer, just without alcohol.

“Whether they are buying them for health or religious reasons, we strongly believe that if the label says ‘alcohol-free’ it should mean just that, which is why we are committed to creating the most delicious beers that are completely alcohol-free,” explains John Hadingham, MD at St Peter’s Brewery. “These new launches strengthen the Without® brand and give our customers something healthy and delicious to enjoy at home or in a pub or bar.”

“First and foremost, it is full-bodied and well-balanced beer, and the Elderberry and Raspberry flavours give an extra dimension of fruitiness without overpowering the natural beer flavour. I don’t think I would have known it was completely free from alcohol in a blind test, to be honest, which is pretty remarkable too. It still retained an element of bitterness, but the sweetness of the fruit made an interesting contrast with that. St Peter’s never fails to impress!”

Vegan treat
Oggs’ mission is to create affordable, plant-based alternatives to everyday foods that taste as delicious as you’ve always known them, without any compromise. Its new dairy and egg free cakes are made using the best natural ingredients, and come in four different flavours: Zesty Lemon, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge and Victoria sponge.

Totally natural, completely plant-based and entirely ethical, this range is made with the well-being of animals (vegan), humans (intolerance to human trafficking) and the whole environment (low carbon emissions) in mind.

No part of any animal is used in the creation of this range and the recycled packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, which helps to reduce the impact on the planet.

If the calorie count of the original Oggs cakes is a bit too high for you, the company has also launched its mini cupcakes; each cake is under 99kcal. Like the rest of the Oggs’ range, these mini cupcakes are completely egg and dairy free and baked using Oggs Aquafaba, an all-plant liquid egg substitute made from chickpea water.

“OMG, I loved these little mini cakes! I would never have said this was a plant based cake, the sponge itself was dense and moist, probably two to three bites per cake, and the Zesty Lemon taste was delicious, zingy and sweet, with a lemon cream layer that was just the right amount for the size of the cake. These are really very cute little cake treats, and I would have no clue that they were made with natural, vegan ingredients; the quality was outstanding the flavours rich.”

Chips ahoy!
PROPERCORN’s first move outside of popcorn sees it transition to PROPER and launch a new lentil chip range: PROPERCHIPS. Available in four flavours – Barbecue, Sweet Sriracha Chilli, Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Chive, PROPERCHIPS are high in fibre and iron and are a source of protein. The all vegan collection uses natural seasonings, contains less than 30 per cent fat than leading crisp brands and under 100 calories per serving.

Co-founder, Cassandra Stavrou explains: “PROPERCHIPS marks an incredibly exciting new era for PROPER and catapults us from leading premium popcorn-maker to big player in better-for-you. PROPERCHIPS was created for the next generation of snacker, whose expectations on great flavour and health are higher than ever. There’s nothing on the market that’s ticking these boxes whilst really exciting shoppers, so we have no doubt that PROPERCHIPS will enjoy the same success that our popcorn continues to.”

“As someone who loves crisps but appreciates that they aren’t always the healthiest option, this sort of crunchy, tasty snack is really an excellent alternative,” said one reviewer. “I loved all the flavours – Barbecue was my favourite though, with a really good tangy edge, smoky and the right hint of spice. They had a great texture too, and the lentil base gave a creamy taste to the chips.”

“I love anything that’s Sweet Chilli and the use of Sriracha in the chips was inspired – they had fire but it was tempered by the sweetness. As a fan of PROPERCORN, I was confident their chips would be very high quality and I wasn’t disappointed – as an aside, I also loved the packaging!”

Guilt-free bubbles
Leading sparkling wine brand, Freixenet has launched its first ever 0% Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine in both a white and a rosé.

With a beautiful blend of Moscato and Tempranillo grapes, the well-balanced, pastel pink Sparkling Rosé offers fragrant flavours of wild berries along with floral notes and tropical fruits in every sip. As well as being an alternative toasting drink, this sparkling is also great served as an aperitif, pairing well alongside light appetisers.

The refreshing Sparkling White is created using the finest Moscato grapes. With tropical notes and elegant citrus hints, the lively, fruity fizz is the perfect accompaniment for hors d’oeuvres – best served chilled and enjoyed while toasting with friends.

“This could be just what I’ve been looking for! Summer BBQs at friends require a bottle but I don’t want to always drink alcohol, but often fancy something more sophisticated than just a soda. It’s lovely to pop open a bottle of fizz as it feels more like a celebration! And most importantly, these don’t compromise on taste – light and refreshing, good fizz and very much in the tradition of a Cava.”

Happy pods
Scott and Bev Markham launched Rokit Pods in 2017 after realising their morning matcha routine shouldn’t be as time-consuming and difficult as it was. Now Rokit Pod has launched CBD matcha green tea and CBD coffee in its Nespresso compatible capsules, as Cannabidiol (CBD) gains traction in the market as a way to gain the healing, non-psychotropic elements of cannabis. CBD is naturally found in hemp, and doesn’t make you high.

Rokit has ensured that its pods include five mg of water-soluble CBD per pod, having discovered a process that takes CBD oil and transforms it into a powder, which is then included in its BPA free, recyclable pods making sure that the benefits of CBD are transferred to every cup.

“These pods certainly take the stress out of making matcha – it’s easy peasy in my Nespresso machine! Entirely take the hassle out of making matcha and the matcha latte I created was delicious. The coffee pods were equally as easy to use and had a good, rich flavour. The health benefits claimed to be associated with CBD are also impressive – I can’t say whether I feel those as yet, but given the quality of the matcha and coffee, the ease of use and the fact I am getting the CBD in an easy to digest format, I am even happier with these little pods!”