Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

Innovative punnet portfolio
Smurfit Kappa is launching its innovative punnet portfolio in Europe. The ‘Safe&Green’ range is Smurfit Kappa’s paper-based, sustainable solution to plastic packaging for fresh produce, and consists of unique designs that are 100 per cent renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Commenting on the announcement, Arco Berkenbosch, VP Innovation and Development at Smurfit Kappa Europe said: “Our research shows that consumers across Europe have a preference towards sustainable packaging when shopping for fresh produce, and the Safe&Green portfolio offers growers and retailers a range of sustainable punnets that enables them to respond directly to these customer preferences.”

The Safe&Green punnet portfolio consists of packaging solutions that can be implemented immediately, or customers can choose to develop bespoke designs tailored to their specific requirements.

For little tummies
Cow & Gate, one of the UK’s leading baby and toddler milk brands, has announced the launch of its new Cow & Gate Simply A2 range made with A2 protein milk. The powder format comes in 800g Eazypack and covers all three stages of baby feeding, from birth to toddlerhood.

Sarah Cumming, UK Consumer Marketing Director for Danone Specialised Nutrition commented: “We continuously listen to parents, innovating to meet their needs and lifestyle choices, while offering our best nutrition for their little ones. Interest in A2 protein milk has been rapidly growing around the world in recent years; it’s a trend that is transforming the entire dairy industry and has most recently been shaking up the formula milk market globally, with seven A2 protein formula milks launched in the last six months worldwide.

“Inspired by nature and our knowledge of breastmilk, we’re proud to be the first to bring this innovation, which has been simply made for little tummies with milk sourced from cows that naturally produce A2 protein milk, to major UK retailers. It is a clear opportunity for retailers to cater to consumer interest and tap into a global trend.”

The new Cow & Gate Simply A2 range made with A2 protein milk has been made to Danone’s highest quality standards, with the Follow-On Milk and Toddler Milk containing key vitamins and minerals, and no artificial preservatives.

The range will be available nationwide starting with First Infant Milk and Follow-On Milk launching in Boots from March 1st, 2021. This will be followed by the launch of the full range in other major retailers including Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in April 2021, and Asda in July 2021.

Meeting the challenges
Fuel Your Preparation – part of European Freeze Dry and a specialist in freeze dried food – is working in partnership with Care England to highlight the nutritional benefits of its offering for older people.

Prof Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, said: “The care sector is always open to new options in how it can provide nutritious food which is familiar to residents and as a way of being prepared for any crisis or emergency. The way we adapt and prepare for these situations will become increasingly important as we take steps out of this pandemic.”

Diana Morris, of Fuel Your Preparation, added: “Our instant meals are easy to store and to prepare as they only need water so they offer nutritious food for care home residents and even staff. Being fully prepared for any type of emergency is vital in a care home environment, whether it is due to food supplies failing because of a pandemic, or experiencing a power cut or flood. This is about providing residents with healthy food made from quality ingredients to meet their preferences and dietary needs.

“This food retains the nutritional value of the day it was made, while staying tasty, stable and nutritious at room temperature for an extended period of time, making it ideal when planning for supply chain disruptions.”

The products from Fuel Your Preparation also come in kit form as ingredients such as green beans, beef mince and white rice and offer organisations freeze dried breakfasts, desserts and main meals including vegetarian options depending on needs.

The meal range from Fuel Your Preparation in tins and pouch formats includes chicken tikka with rice, pasta bolognaise, beef stew, spicy pasta arrabiata, five bean cassoulet, chocolate mousse and rice pudding. Ingredients and staple items come in tins and also includes diced chicken and minced beef. The range also provides Halal, vegan and vegetarian options.

Targeting food waste
Purina has launches a new dog treat formulated with nutritious surplus grains from breweries. By upcycling grains that might otherwise be left to spoil, Purina is able to reduce food waste, re-purposing this nutritiously dense substance as a pet food ingredient; a step towards a more circular economy.

The new treat will be sold under the AdVENTuROSTM brand over a six-week trial phase in the Netherlands. The product is expected to reach thousands of customers as part of a limited scale pilot focused on gauging consumer response.

It is the latest creation from Purina’s LiveLab innovation unit, which works to actively explore industry challenges and develop new product and packaging solutions to respond to changing consumer demand.

As part of this mission, the LiveLab team is actively engaged with generating innovative new ideas and solutions to improve the environmental impact of Purina products. LiveLab’s previous creation of Purina’s Beyond Nature’s Protein uses alternative proteins to make better use of the planet’s resources.

Nestlé Purina EMENA Director of Insight and Innovation Olena Topilnytska said: “As a business, we are always exploring ways in which we can grow. But in order to do so responsibly, it is essential that we seek opportunities to make a positive difference throughout our activities, from sourcing to product portfolio. This is why LiveLab identified upcycling as such an exciting and important avenue to explore within the pet care sector.

“Upcycling means taking ingredients that otherwise would be wasted and turning them into new nutritious products. Through the upcycling of surplus grains from breweries, we are able to create a nutritious treat for dogs that reduces waste and provides a more sustainable option for consumers.”